The God at Work Course

The God at Work Course

Trinity Canton Church periodically offers the God at Work course.  Contact us if you are interested in our next one!

Finding purpose at work is one of the greatest challenges in today’s busy, globalized world. God at Work Course Come explore why work matters, learn how to deal with stress and work-life balance, and hear from others about their experiences of finding purpose in the workplace.

Our God At Work course runs for six weeks and includes dessert and coffee!  Suggested registration cost: $15 (includes the God at Work book and course manual).

The God at Work course was developed by Ken Costa at Alpha International and Holy Trinity Brompton.  Sessions include the following:

  • Work matters
  • Ambitions and Life Choices
  • Tough Decisions
  • Stress and Work-Life Balance
  • Failure, Disappointment, and Hope
  • Money and Giving

For questions or to register, contact Justin Kastner (785-410-5792) or email


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